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When I'm trying to export my project as PDF in Photoshop, it is loosing quality but When I'm doing it in Canva, It is really awesome. Why is it happening?

As a graphic designer, when I started to design… I used Canva for my various designs. As there are various pre-made templates in there. So I didn’t have to work too much. But if you try to compare Canva with Photoshop it will be a foolish thought. So for whom, Canva is for? Beginner designer Lazy people People without imagination. Actually, I felt this after using Canva for so long. I was so lazy, lack of imaginative power… I fully relied on Canva. I felt so comfortable with it… I didn’t have to look anywhere else. So when the challenges started? So one day, One of my clients wanted some customization and it was not possible on Canva. And I didn’t know too much about Photoshop at that time. Result. I loosed that client. 😢😢 And it’s so hard to lift yourself up when you managed to find only one client and t left. So I started to learn about Photoshop. Took some paid course for free which I downloaded from Torrent😂😂. Using Photoshop, there was no template nothing I had to make anything from scratch. At first, it really was a hassle but as time passed it is the most useful skill I ever learnt. Let me also share with you the key difference between Photoshop & Canva. There is no blending more in Canva. No selection tool. No pen too. Nothing….. So there is no way people can convert Canva to Photoshop. To use photoshop You'll have to learn from the beginning.

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Export PDF: All You Need to Know

You literally have to learn Photoshop for real before you get to Canva. So, who want to learn Photoshop? Lazy people Who don't have an imagination Don’t have inspiration Don’t know how to look for creativity Don’t have creativity inside Don’t have inspiration And that's why there will be almost nobody who will become a professional designer unless they have talent and imagination. So why do I tell you these? Because the beginning is very important. If you don't start right from the beginning. Then you won't understand anything about design & design skills. You might be able to learn Photoshop, but after that. It will be more like a craft than a skill. So how do I start learning Photoshop? You just need to have an idea on how to use Photoshop. And that's how, I started learning Photoshop. It took me 10 days to master all skills except blending & selection. It.