Is there a Way to Export a Chart Created with Javascript as A?

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Is there a way to export a chart created with Javascript as a .pdf or some other format for use in a Powerpoint (other than a screen grab)?

I haven't used Morris.js -- it looks neat! -- but it's hard to beat D3.js. Here are three good reasons. Size D3. 20KB minified, no dependencies Morris. 37KB minified, plus dependencies. jQuery. 94KB minified (version 1.11) Raphael. 94KB minified So you're looking at 225KB for Morris compared to 20KB for D3. Functionality Despite being 10x larger, Morris can only do some basic charts while D3 can do just about anything. Why buy a 10 lb machete when you could do the same job (and more!) with a 4 oz Swiss army knife? Community The D3 community is great and growing every day, including awesome people like Victor Powell and Malcolm Maclean. D3's creator, Mike Bostock, even takes time from his job creating amazing graphics at the New York Times to answer questions on Stack Overflow. If you're just using it for bar charts or line charts, it's pretty easy to find a tutorial and modify it for your purposes. In comparison, it seems like Morris doesn't have as much support and its creator isn't actively involved in maintaining it. (But props -- Morris does a small thing well!)

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In order to be able to use Windows Picture and Screen Recorder, you need to have that installed on your computer.) Go to your computer's “About”, or similar “Product and Features” screen Once there, you need to find the line that says “Windows Picture and Screen Recorder”. Click the “Go to...” button and look for the line that says “Windows Picture and Screen Recorder”, right-click it and choose “Run as Administrator” from the menu. If you are prompted for your password, enter it. Windows will now download the latest version of the MS Paint. Open up that folder and open MS Paint. Right-click the image you want to crop, then go to the “Options” menu and check “Scale” and “Stretch” to make the image fit. Once you have done that, you can use a web browser and download the file. If you want to.