Is there a 3d Modelling Software Package out there That Would Allow?

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Is there a 3D modelling software package out there that would allow me to apply a 2D vector pattern to a surface and export the resulting shape (and pattern) from a 3D camera window, to a 2D (flattened) vector file such as Ai, EPS, or PDF?

Okay, so I have been racking my brain to find a solution to this problem. I have several Jasc PaintShop Pro v7 vector logos (*.PSP) that I needed to bring into the most widely used vector format, Export Illustrator (*.AI) for submission to commercial printers. Now, before anyone criticizes me for using such old primarily-bitmap-only software (PSP7) on my Windows7 Ultimate setup, although I own several other graphics programs, including Export CS3 (yes, I know this is an old version, but it works well…once I figured out how to get it installed properly on Win7), I really like the Jasc PSP7 program and have years’ worth of experience with it. Plus, it uses far, far less processor power and memory than all of my other graphics programs. Continuing…I found software that is available for a 15-day FREE trial (with a limit of only 5 conversions), that will successfully convert many, many formats, including the PSP7 vector files. It is available at Convert PSP to AI with reaConverter. The purchase price is $49.99 for the standard version, if you end up wanting to use it beyond the 15 days and 5 conversion limit. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it to work for my more intensive vector art and logos that had too many points and/or complex curves. Repeated fails for most of my artwork became the norm. I was beginning to give up and was about to convert all of my nice, clean vector files into very large sized (dimensions, as well as file size) rasters/bitmaps, then batch import and convert them into less-precise vectors using a bitmap tracing program, of which there are several online, but then I decided to see if simplifying the vector art, first, then attempting to export as a Windows Metafile or Enhanced Windows Metafile (*.WMF) would do the trick with reaConverter. It did, but the converted (WMF→AI) file was not as clean as I would have liked. So, then, I simply resaved the original, simplified vector image in PSP7 format (under a different name than my original, of course) and tried the reaConverter software again. Success! Here is what I did to simplify my PSP7 vector art and logos. First, I ungrouped all of my objects (Objects|Ungroup), then I converted each of my text objects to curves (Objects|Convert Text to Curves|As Single Shape). **See image below. When I viewed the converted PSP→AI vector, it was absolutely clean, with no extra points or messed-up curves, and with nothing stretched (yes, this happened with another PSP vector, previously, not sure why) or shifted/moved objects. The converted graphics looked absolutely beautiful. I will admit to being a bit OCD when it comes to some things, so it was important to me that my artwork was “just the way I originally designed it to look”. Hope this helps others looking for a solution to this dilemma. Good luck!

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