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Is it possible to export a Custom Saved Report which has more than one report tab as a single PDF in Google Analytics?

Website Analysis is an important part of Search Engine Optimization. Google has provided 2 important tools to analyze the website visits and the type of traffic. One is Google webmaster and second is Google Analytics. Google analytics is used to track the number of visits and the type of traffic flowing to your website through search engine, Google Pay per Click, Social media and other referral sites. Through Google analytics, one can track the site traffic for main domain, sub domains, mobile websites etc. Through Google admin access, one can create a site account and site property to define a custom Google Analytics code to insert in your website. This Google generate GA code needs to place before the end of /head to capture the data promptly. This Google analytics code (GA code) needs to be inserted on all pages which are required to track for site visits. After adding the code on all required pages, Google Analytics will start receiving the data that will be stored on the Google server and one can fetch data in various forms of reports. Here we will discuss about some of the important Reports Audience report - Gives us the information about all sessions (also known as visits), no. of unique users visiting the site, no. of pageviews, pages/session, average time duration spent on site per session, bounce rate (% of single page visit) and % new sessions. This report will give us information about all traffic. Location under Geo (in audience section) is second important option that shows the number of visits coming from different countries and cities. This way you can estimate the number of visits coming from different geographical locations to your website. In mobile section, you can determine the source of hits to your website through various devices like desktop, tablet, mobile etc. Even you can trace of getting the visits from different types of mobile hardware devices. All Traffic Report - will show you the visits coming through various all types of sources like Organic Search visits, PPC, Social media and other referral sites. In organic search results under keywords section - you can get the site visits through various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Here you can see that your site is getting hits through various keywords. These are the optimized keywords which are ranked/listed in search engine so that on searching, visitor can get display your site in search results. In paid search results under keywords section - you will get the number of visits if your site is participated in Google adwords promotion. Here also you can find the hits with various defined keywords in your campaign. All pages report under site content of Behavior section - you will get the number of pageviews your different site pages have got. In this analytics you can filter the data in various ways based on date, primary and secondary dimensions.

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Google Analytics may understand you set up a dimension called user, and you are using it in your admin metric, but that metric is not being pushed to the dimension. Instead, a call to the metric would be required for that to happen. The good news is, you can use the dimension's metric and its set of variables to match the dimension. So what happens when you're using a custom dimension, but you haven't specified a dimension attribute? In this case, a custom dimension is ignored and nothing is added to the custom dimensions. If you’re using Google Analytics to generate reports then you want all your events to report to the dimension you specified for that event. So Google Analytics may add that dimension into all your reports, but if that dimension has an attribute for events that didn’t match the dimension then nothing will be added..

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