Im Exporting a PDF with a Java Program But How Do I Specify A?

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I'm exporting a PDF with a Java program but how do I specify a generic path?

There are seven qualities to be satisfied for a programming language to be pure Object Oriented. T are. 1.Encapsulation/Data Hiding 2.Inheritance 3.Polymorphism 4.Abstraction 5. All predefined types are objects. 6. All operations are performed by sending messages to objects. 7. All user defined types are objects. If you look at these seven qualities, Java does satisfy most of them. Java supports Encapsulation at class and package level, It supports Abstraction, Inheritance and Polymorphism, and all user defined types are also objects. What it doesn't support is #5, all predefined types are not objects in Java, because you can define primitive types. This means it also violates #6. That's why Java is NOT a pure object oriented language. I hope you get it! Thanks!

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