How Do I Export My Html Page as a PDF in Javascript without a Third?

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How do I export my HTML page as a PDF in JavaScript without a third party tool?

URL url = new File("test.html").toURI .toURL ; WebClient webClient = new WebClient ; HtmlPage page = webClient.getPage(url); OutputStream os = null; try{ os = new FileOutputStream("test.pdf"); ITextRenderer renderer = new ITextRenderer ; renderer.setDocument(page,url.toString ); renderer.layout ; renderer.createPDF(os); } finally{ if(os != null) os.close ; or try this will work.... Client Side - Minimum Code.(NOT RECOMMENDED) security of reading / writing on client can prohibit client side generation html = new html$ pdf = new pdf$ ; html.parse(" Hello World"); html.writeToPdf(pdf); pdf.writeToFile('c./temp/hello_world.pdf');'file.//c./temp/hello_world.pdf'); Server Side - Minimum ASP Code. <%@ language="javascript%"> <% html = new html$ ; pdf = new pdf$ ; html.parse("The Date is." + new Date + ""); html.writeToPdf(pdf); pdf.sendToClient ; %>

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