How Do I Export a PDF Report in Oracle 11g?

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How do I export a PDF report in Oracle 11g?

I'd say neither; learn 12c since 10g is out of support and 11g is nearing it. But most potential employers are still running 11g at this point. Here's why. Oracle publishes its "end of life" schedule for the various versions in an internal document that you can only really see if you have a support contract. It is DocID 161818.1, titled "Oracle Database (RDBMS) Releases Support Status Summary." Here's some key support dates for 10g, 11g, 12c. - 10g. Premier support ended July 2010, Extended support ended July 2013. - 11gR1. Premier support ended Aug 2012, Extended ended Aug 2015. 11gR2. Premier support ended January 2015, Extended support continues to January 2018 but "free" extended support ends Jan 2016. 12cR1. No end-of-life dates announced. What does Premier and Extended support mean? - Premier. allows for new bugs/issues to be fixed (you are expected to be at the latest patch set in order to get one-off's aka Patch Set Exceptions) - Extended. Purchaseable support option which allows one-off fixes for critical issues So that means that anyone who still sits in a 10g (or older version) of Oracle is not only out of support, but will have to *pay* for Oracle to work on any fixes that you may encounter that aren't already addressed in a previous patch. So, odds are that a company looking for Oracle DBAs is likely running its databases in at least 11gR1 but most likely 11gR2, but will be looking at moving to 12c very, very soon. My customers are looking at the Jan 2016 date for the end of "free" extended support as the real deadline to get to 12c. 12c has a number of new, interesting engineering changes over 11g; Multi-Tenant, In-Memory structures, Adaptive Query Optimization being the big three features to read up on. Otherwise if you learned 11g 95% of what you learn is applicable to 12c.

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But there is a good possibility you're going to see 12c's features first because (as far as I know) nobody is using 13c in production yet. And as far as I know, no one is looking for any existing Oracle features that are only available in 11gR1. But now the news is starting to get out that the most recent Oracle database (11gR2) may be being superseded by a new database (12cR2) with some notable changes to it: 12c Release Candidate (RC1) Released August 26, 2013 Oracle Database (11.2) Release Candidate (RC2) Released October 22, 2013 (Update 2) What this really means: Oracle doesn't want to release 12c until they've got the best, most stable 12c that they can get out there... but 12c is still in the 12cRC1 build, and is not the version that is going to be released by Oracle in the end of life” schedule mentioned.