How Do I Export a PDF from Illustrator Separated into Spot Colours?

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How do I export a PDF from Illustrator separated into spot colours instead of CMYK?

There’s too many details missing in this question for a proper answer. I don’t even know if you are using Illustrator, Photoshop, or some other program. Did you check the resolution you made your graphics at? Did you make sure the file was built as CMYK as you started? Did you start off a crappy image in low res taken from the Internet? Are you exporting a file as a .pdf and making sure it’s print quality setting, not low res? Are you making .pngs, .jpgs? What file format are you even creating as you export? You need to give a lot more info before anyone can begin to help you.

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This is why it is so important that you tell us all about your workflow. And why having the work done by a professional makes a big difference. If you don’t know how to do something, why give your problem to us? If you work in Photoshop and don’t know how to do something, can you tell us how and what we should look for in the settings? The “prefer” button. Do you use a toolbox that contains the tools you use often? It does not matter how well documented the toolbox is, if an inexperienced user needs to do something to get what they want, they will get it wrong. If you have a custom set or preset, make sure you have installed them all the way and that you check back in with them weekly, monthly, or yearly and see if all tools are working as.