How Do I Collage as Many Receipt Photos as Possible on One Page?

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How do I collage as many receipt photos as possible on one page, and then export it as a PDF in Quickbooks within their online platform?

Manage your receipts in the Receipts tab Learn how to use the Receipts tab to enter, attach, and track your expense receipts. After you select the Banking menu, you’ll see the Receipts tab. This is where you can manage and match your expense receipts all in one place. Step 1. Add receipts Go to the Banking menu and select the Receipts tab. Drag and drop receipts directly into QuickBooks Online, or select Browseto upload them. Just be sure that each image or file contains only a single receipt. Other ways to add receipts You don't have to always upload your receipts from your computer. Here are two more ways to get your receipts into QuickBooks without having to manually enter them. Email Learn how to email your receipts to QuickBooks. With the app on your phone You can use the QuickBooks Online app to scan and automatically upload receipts from your phone. To scan a receipt, install the "QuickBooks Accounting. Invoicing and Expenses" app on your phone. Then, open the app and tap the menu button. Select the Receipt Camera, and snap a photo of your receipt. Once you do, it will automatically appear in the Receipts tab with any other receipts you've added. Use your computer to manage your receipts from there. File types you can use You can use PDFs, images (jpeg, jpg, gif, or png), or info in an email. If you use a newer iPhone or iPad, you might have HEIC format images (which aren’t compatible). See Apple’s documentation on HEIC images to learn how to convert existing images to a compatible format. To change the type of photos your Apple device takes, go to Settings and select Camera. From there, select Formats and then select Most Compatible. Step 2. Review, edit, or match receipts Once your receipts are in QuickBooks, t show up under For Review in the Receipts tab. From here you can select the row to have a side-by-side view of the receipt you sent and the data we extracted. You can also. Select Review to edit the extracted information for the receipt. If there are multiple matches, selecting Review will allow you to choose the match you want. Select Add if you want to create a new expense in QuickBooks with the receipt attached. Select Match if you’re ready to match the receipt with an existing record in QuickBooks. Note that if an imported banking transaction and a receipt are both in For Review, QuickBooks won’t suggest a match until you select Add for one of them.

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Tip: To view all the receipts in QuickBooks, go to View tab in the Receipts tab. Step 3. Import receipts You can import a foreign receipt from a financial institution. Use this option for: Receipts you’ve collected and saved overseas. Currency conversion errors and missing balances or transactions. Currency conversion errors from bank statements. Determine what type of transaction to import by reviewing the fields marked ‑‒ Currency and ‑‒ Date. If you've imported a foreign receipt, the currency column should be marked with an �. If this column isn’t correct, you might need to enter either a different currency code or a date of first use. Tip: To use this option, you need to be enrolled in the U.S. Exchange Service. If you already have an account with an online U.S. financial institution, you can request to be enrolled in the Exchange Service, so QuickBooks can import your foreign transactions. The.

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