Can I Design Wireframes in Illustrator And then Prepare the Finished?

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Can I design wireframes in Illustrator and then prepare the finished layout in Photoshop, or is this a waste of my time?

Well the honest answer is it depends upon the role you take up and what your company/client expects from you. You could quickly learn a prototyping tool which will help you create fairly high fidelity wireframes and get all your work with them but some companies/clients will need you to create pixel perfect mockups for design and annotation purposes. My advice would be to invest some time in learning Photoshop and Illustrator since it allows you to hand over highly polished deliverables and also enhances your skill sets and makes you more marketable. With regards to whether you should learn to code, there has been a lot of debate on that whether designers should be able to code or note (refer to the question How critical is it for a UI/UX designer be able to write development code (XHTML, CSS)? Will front end coding become a requirement for UI/UX designers in the future?) but my view is at least you should have a decent idea of being able to code for the following reasons. It helps you understand if an interface you designed can be built or not and what are the technical constraints you might face It helps you interface better with the devs who are building your design It enhances your profile With regards to project management, the importance of having them will depend on how much client interaction your role eventually has and what your immediate responsibilities are. I would recommend getting an understanding of the basics of client interaction and requirements gathering since that is a role you eventually would have to take up and cannot always rely on the program manager/project manager to handle for you.

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But the following can be helpful if you prefer them, or want to try out CS5. 1. Disable Image Resize. The most effective way to limit the size of an image within a document is to use the Image Resizing box in the Image Editor section of Photoshop. However, Photoshop has a tendency to overwrite the previously saved image and overwrite any changes you've made in the past (e.g. if you had made a change that inadvertently overwrote the previous image, Photoshop might go back and overwrite another image file that you had created but had otherwise deleted). In order to prevent this from happening, set the Image Resizing box to “On” so that Photoshop can't over-write files on your hard disk, and you're protected. 2. Do Not Set Aligned or Center Pixels. If you're designing something with a background, it behooves you to ensure that you're not setting your pixel.

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