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Instructions and Help about Export Pdf Pages As Images

Hello everyone in this session we are going to learn how to export pdf pages as images let me start with the scenario if you see on my screen i am having a pdf file with the name of images and text.pdf now i want to convert this entire pdf or particular range of the pdf i want to convert them into the images how can i go ahead and do that by using your pass studio let me switch to your studio now if you see in the activity there is one of the activities that we have to convert pdf pages into images that is export pdf pages as image activity now i will show you how to work with this activity as part of the session now let me go to the project i'm going to create a new sequence by clicking on add sequence i'm just going to give it name as pdf as images let me click on create now i'm going back to the activities and then anyhow that we are going to work with the export pdf page as image activity right now let me drag and drop this activity onto the panel and then we'll see the properties first on the right hand side i'm having the property that is file name that which file that i'm going to work it out and then from this file name i'm going to create a image files right file format that is called output file name and then i'm having the input image dpi nothing but digital pixels number of pixels that i can go ahead and give it as uh you know 96 or 150 or 300 and the page number from which page number to which page number that you want to convert them as images now if you see these are all the text that what you have if you see over here this is all the text if you're going to select this in such a way nothing but this role the text that is the third page right now i'm going to select the same thing what is the input file let me go ahead and browse it that i'm going for the pdf documents and i'm going to select images.txt file now from this pdf we are going to create an image based on the number correct now where is the output that have to store let me go to browse for the files and then in the output that i am going to give it as output dot image format so because of we are going to convert into the image right that i'm going to give in png format that's the reason i have given at output output image dot png let me go ahead let me save it and then if you see the page number the input we are having image dpi you can select out of this option 96 150 ...