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Applause what's up ladies and gentlemen welcome back today's video is brought to you guys by ice guy soft if they make this awesome PDF editor now as you guys know from the last video I did go ahead and just review this but today we're gonna be talking about things on the more business end of things so as you guys can see I have an official DMV bill of sale form so I'm actually gonna go and download this right now and we're gonna import it into the PDF editor so I'm gonna go and jump into where I just downloaded it downloads and drag and drop directly into here and it should open up in just a second okay so that took around 2 seconds now here's all the cool things you can do with this bill of sale so first of all it's gonna be a little tricky to edit this so I thought you know what why not turn this into maybe an OCR document so I can just go and edit some of the text in case I want to do that alright so unlike last time there are no spelling mistakes and it did a really really good job converting everything you might want to double check just in case it is software in the end but it seems overall pretty solid so of course I don't really need to change too too much but now I'm gonna go and maybe add in some text so I'm gonna jump into edit and we're gonna add some text right here so in this case name we're just gonna post smart tech ok and then of course maybe your model of the car Toyota and just like that it's super super easy to add text all over the place so that's something that you might have to do as well now next off is of course the main section so your form and protection inside a form you can actually go and edit this PDF form you can actually go and have a form field recognition this operation cannot be undone yes I want to go and do that so here are some spots that have found that it thinks that you should fill in certain information so you can go and directly click on that and just like that you'll be able to add in information without ever having to go and add text every single time maybe make a whole new section and then of course add that tech save it over and over and over this is just a little bit more convenient it's not 100% perfect but you know what it is they're so next off there's data extraction so if you want to extract data from certain form fields and turn them into a c sv file you can do that as well now this is mostly for maybe graphs and things and of course large pools of data

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Deborah W.
Deborah W.
I corrected a mistake in my form and replaced it with the right information. It took a few minutes only! Thanks a lot!
James S.
James S.
The process of PDF correction has never been so easy. I’ve managed to create a new document faster than ever before!
William G.
William G.
It was really easy to fill out my PDF document and add a signature to it! This is a great service! I recommend it to you!
Denis B.
Denis B.
I edited the document with my mobile phone. It was fast and, as a result, I’ve got a professional-looking document.

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Submit important papers on the go with the number one online document management solution. Use our web-based app to edit your PDFs without effort. We provide our customers with an array of up-to-date tools accessible from any Internet-connected device. Upload your PDF document to the editor. Browse for a file on your device or add it from an online location. Insert text, images, fillable fields, add or remove pages, sign your PDFs electronically, all without leaving your desk.


How can I remove the CamScanner watermark without upgrading it?
All the PDFs which are scanned by CamScanner have watermark on their footer. So its relatively easy to remove it. You can edit PDFs in any online PDF editor like Sejda.com - Online PDF Editor.I also made an Android app to automate the task. As the watermark is in the same place in all pages of scanned PDFs i.e lower right corner. So it can be easily removed through programming. To simply use the app you can see the demo video.Steps to use the App (Watermark Remover for CamScanner):Give required permission to app.Click on + (plus) floating button to add PDFs to process (remove watermark).After selecting PDFs whose watermark you want to remove. Press Modify PDFs button.Watermark from PDFs would be removed and processed PDFs would be saved into documents/WatermarkRemover folder.If you want some technical insights read ahead.Technical DescriptionI used iText library to edit PDFs in Android. The problem of removing watermark from PDFs was pretty static and didn’t possessed much challenge. You can simply think of a solution. THINK What would you do to remove a Watermark from lower right corner.Solution :Actually edit the footer of each page in PDF to remove “Scanned by CamScanner” text.Cover Watermark with a white rectangle. (This is what I implemented)As this question isn’t intended for technical insight. That’s it from my side. If you want to know more. I wrote a detailed post about implementing the solution in Android and also open-sourced the code. Feel free to check that out.Blog Post : Using iText To Edit PDF In AndroidSource Code : viveksb007/camScannerWatermarkRemoverAndroid
What are your 5 favorite websites? Why?
This question has been more fun to think about than I first thought it would be, thanks for the ask. The easy answer:1.     Google for utility (and all subdomains like inbox.google, drive.google)2.    Wikipedia for knowledge (and Wikimedia)3.    Reddit for community and learning new things both useful and entertaining4.    Quora for the same reasons as Reddit5.    Amazon for supplies of all sorts The more in-depth and less obvious answer:1.      xkcd and the associated What If? (and also explain xkcdfor when you don’t get the jokes) because Randall Munroe, the author, is hilarious and brilliant, and reading this makes you smarter and happier (if you’ve never heard of XKCD, that makes you one of the Ten Thousand!).2.     Goodreadsis great for discovering new books, tracking your reading, and following other readers and writers. Professionals use it too!3.     Your local school or city library website – this is a great and yet under-utilized resource for students and civilians alike, and can help you with research, fact checking, and just finding something new to be interested in. Nowadays, city libraries are doing more and more to get involved with their communities by hosting events, conventions, and panels.4.     http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/is how I study geography when the government decides to test me on it. It’s hardly modern-looking, and too educational to be actual fun, but the site has great utility for learning things.5.     http://www.instructables.com/because it teaches you how to do things, encourages you to do new things, and promotes sharing knowledge and skills. Honorable mentions:1.      YouTube, Pandora, Imgur and the like2.      EasyBib: The Free Automatic Bibliography Composer which lets you create style-appropriate citations for professional writing3.     LinkedIn because it allows  you to network virtually, though it is fraught with security and social faux-pas concerns4.     The blog of your choice – I’m personally into writers and writing advice, as well as sci-fi news and such. My choice here is io9 - We come from the future..5.     Project Guttenberg for literacy
What is a good open source PDF reader component/library for Android?
First of all,PDF reader requires native libraries to render the PDF file. Native libraries are different for different system architectures like ARM, Intel, etc. So, in order to support all the phones, you have to include native libs for all system architectures and sadly, it increases your app size a whole lot.So, if you are interested in Android App Development which is not a PDF reader application, but it has a module to just display PDFs, I do not suggest use libraries like MuPdf since it will increase your app size 15–20 MB. And I don’t think that we should increase the app size for the sake of just displaying a PDF file.As a solution, you can use a PDF.js from Mozilla to display the PDF files.To use PDF.js, just go to pauldmps/Android-pdf.js and download the pdfviewer folder from the assets folder and move it to your app’s asset folder.That’s it!!Now, in order to load a PDF, just include the WebView in your layout, and load the specific URL with your PDF file.To learn how to load PDF in WebView, you can download the demo from pauldmps/Android-pdf.js to understand.gracias!
What is the best website very few people know about? What's great about it?
That’s my list of totally fav websites, so their purpose will be mixed :)Instructables The best DIY website, I fell in love with it when I was looking for ideas on working with certain microcontrollers and sensors for a robot during my Bachelor thesis and I can find pretty much everything there related to DIY.WikiHow is another page, similar to Instructables, but covers many many more things. It’s more general. Includes DIY related to electronics, cooking, gardening, beauty etc.StackOverflow As a wannabe programmer, I often end up here. After trying my best to solve my problems, sometimes I ask a bunch of stupid questions because I can’t figure it out.Trello My best friend for tasks. You can create multiple Boards and write down all of your tasks. I have a list for Grocery Shopping, list for Studying topics when I have to study with checkboxes etc, list for travelling. You can add links, comments, images, check lists, labels and it’s super cool :)Couchsurfing The best website to travel and stay (for free) at a local’s place and thus, meet local people who can show you around. Just read the reviews well, as my experience is mostly positive, but I had a few not-that-nice moments related to hosts not being very friendly etc. The purpose is to travel and have fun and meet people who can make this experience complete by giving you local tips, joining you outside or introducing you to their culture / history / whatever :)PostCrossing That’s a wonderful website for people who love to collect postcards. You receive a random address of a person around the world and send them a postcard, on that postcard you write a code that’s given to you so that the recipient can register it. Once you get an address, your address is also given to a random person and this way it’s always a mystery what cards you will get and from which part of the world. It’s super COOL! However for the moment I stopped it, as I need a job first :DTripAdvisor Forums My best friend when I travel somewhere. Basically I always ask questions there when I prepare for a trip, especially if I travel alone. People are very responsive there and helpful and give you lots of good tips :)Wolfram Alpha If you need to calculate anything, you can do it there. Scientific calculator for basically anything. You just need to learn a bit about the syntax. I loved it when I had to write my course work for Electrical and for Cryptography, bc it calculated stuff that’d take so much time if I had to do on paper. So, very useful.Quora (duh!) Who doesn’t love Quora.. okay.. actually many people of the ones I follow, I blame the fact that they just haven’t started diving into the topics and spending lots of hours reading stuff here :)Okay, think that’s it for now. I’ll update later if I remember about sth else :)
What is the best cloud-based LaTeX editor and compiler?
I prefer Sharelatex over Writelatex.Sharelatex provides native support for both \LuaLaTeX and \XeTeX. Quite convenient if you like to use OpenType (OTF) fonts without having to install them first.TL,DRThe TeX family tree: LaTeX, pdfTeX, XeTeX, LuaTeX and ConTeXt
What are some must have Android apps?
My answer is gonna be long and descriptive but it is gonna worth your time.Here are the apps I am giving from my personal experience.ShazamHave you ever been in a situation that you are at a party and DJ is playing some really cool music and you don’t know the name of the songs? You don't have any idea of the name of the song and you want it so badly? Well, this app can guess each and every music or song from this world. You just gotta give it a chance to listen to the song for a few seconds.It can even copy the entire playlist that is being played at the party. You must try this app.Here is the basic view of the app:-Here are some songs I've Shazamed:-2. MusixMatchIn simple words, it is a music player. What makes it special? It provides perfectly synchronized lyrics of the music that is being played. It even gives the translation of the song. English, Hindi, French no matter what song you play with this player, you will have its lyrics (along with translations) in perfect synchronization with the song.Here's the basic view:-I played a French song. Look at the synchronization and translation I am getting.Available translations:Even while using other apps like Spotify or YouTube, you get lyrics with a pop-up bubble on the screen.3. Ginger KeyboardNot everyone is a native English speaker. I am also not a native speaker. People like me whose mother tongue is not English tend to make a lot of mistakes. Even native people can make mistakes. But Ginger Keyboard is the solution to all of us. It can point out mistakes in your writing. Spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, all kind of mistakes. It makes everything easier for me.The other perk of using Ginger is that you can play games on it. Yes, it is the only keyboard which gives gaming experience. There are total 6 games for now. You can play games while still being in the chat.I am not gonna type every feature here, but you can try the keyboard to learn more. It is amazing.Let's put it in the test. Here's the raw writing with so many mistakes.This is what Ginger did in a matter of click:-There are 6 games.I played 2048 to show you.4. ZapyaI am sure many of you have encountered difficulties while transferring files from one device to another. I used to use Bluetooth before WiFi Direct came out. But WiFi is still not that reliable. This app makes the hotspot on one device and connects to that hotspot WiFi on the other device. In this way, we get better speed.Moreover, you can connect iPhone to Android or vice versa. It can be even used to share files across windows and mac. There are many other features in the app. Install it. Try it.This is the main interface of the app.5. ES File ExplorerNo matter what phone do you have. Your file explorer sucks and I really mean it. Each and every phone I have tried comes with a useless explorer. You need to change it today.It would require me hours to discuss the features ES File Explorer have. I am leaving it on you to explore this explorer.However, this is the basic interface it has.6. MX PlayerVideo player I couldn't imagine my life without! If you are not a user of it, buddy, you haven't born yet. It is the most reliable player designed till now. It supports almost every format of video. I can not explain it features. You need to experience it yourself to truly understand it.However, the valuable feature that is coming into my mind right now is the subtitles feature. You can play the whatever movie or tv show on this player and there's a feature in it that helps to download its subtitles without leaving the app. It is very beneficial.The basic interface is like this.7. Youtube VancedAh, Youtube! Who doesn't use it? YouTube is the biggest media platform. Almost everyone uses it. Sometimes it happens that you are listening to music on YouTube and a text message pops up. You are bound to stay in the app to continue to listen to music. You cannot leave it. It will stop the music. The solution is, start using YouTube Vanced.It is not on the play store. You can search it on Google and download it.Look at the main interface. I am using a black one. It saves my battery and helps my eyes at night.Do you want to do something else while watching the video? Pop the video out.Do you want to listen to it in the background? Well, you can do that too. Here it is.8. Team ViewerI don't know about you but sometimes I happened to be in need to use my laptop. But the problem is, I am not at home. What should I do? Use Team Viewer to access your computer. You can use it to fix other people computers from your mobile too. I often fix the computers of my friends by accessing their computers from my mobile or computer.For example, I wanna check if the files I have been downloading on my computer are downloaded yet. But I am too lazy right now to go to the other room and check the computer. Let's use TeamViewer.Lol, everything is already downloaded.9. SpinMe Alarm ClockOne of the most innovative alarm clock is here. I often used to snooze my alarm clock unintentionally and wondered what happened. Why didn’t the alarm wake me up? But this app, it forces me to get up. How? It doesn’t let me snooze. In fact, it asks me to get up from the bed and spin two times to turn off the annoying bell it is ringing. Good idea. Right?I have a lot of other apps to share but I am getting tired of writing. I will update it later, so stay tuned.PS: Each and every app I mentioned here is available on play store except that Youtube app. It can be downloaded from the browser directly. Most of the apps I mentioned are also available for iPhone on apple store.
Will OnePlus 3T replace a PC for light use (online purchasing, browsing, mailing, reading articles, movies)?
Thanks for the A2A.OnePlus 3T is quite sufficient for your needs.OnePlus 3T will only be a drawback for the following compared to PC or TABLET:Typing documentsEditing videos with advanced softwares5.5 inch screen size compared to TABLET with 8 inch approx. or PC with 15.6 inch approx. may not be pleasing to watch movies by a group of people.OnePlus 3T is better than PC or TABLET for the following reasons:Better battery backupSmall size, compact and comfortable to hold and carryBetter camera and video optionsDash charging helps you charge phone quickly…TRUST WORTHY!Payments are a breeze with dedicated apps and ready Internet with 4GSharing apps, files, etc are easy both offline and onlineYou can even charge phone faster with power banks.Hope, I have helped you to find the best One for your needs. Good Luck buddy!Lets make world a better place…at least one thing a day… “like forgiving or helping or consoling people”.Thanks for reading (smile).
Would you like to prefer iOS over Android?
Of course I prefer iOS over Android and my reasons are as follows:I am a avid GarageBand user, it has lots of features, on other hand its alternative on Android called FL Studio lacks the features of GarageBand. Best part is that GarageBand is officially free on iOS. It synchronises my works between it and Logic Pro X on my Mac. If you plugin iRig you can even plug and add real instruments like guitar, bass and water-phone to the mix, something which can’t be done on the Android equivalents of this app.Then there’s GeoShred, it’s not only a MIDI controller but also a standalone musical instrument, iOS uses extremely low-latency kernel which ensures excellent sound and response. the Linux kernel on Android on other hand has high level of latency, which is not at all suitable for making music.iOS has full fledged PDF editor like Wondershare PDFElements which not only let me sign, annotate and fill up PDF forms but also add or reposition images in PDF, edit or delete PDF texts, add or remove pages etc, it’s like a full fledges Adobe Acrobat X PDF Editor in your pocket. Android has no alternative to this app, even the best PDF editor on Android can only just sign, annotate or fill PDF forms, advanced features aren’t available on them.Many of my favourite games like Tales of Monkey Island Series, Sam & Max Beyond Space & Time, The Secret of Monkey Island - Special Edition, Monkey Island 2: LeChuck Revenge - Special Edition, Infinity Blade Series, Day of the Tentacle: Remastered aren’t even available for Android.With iOS and Mac I get the excellent hands-off feature wherein I can continue working on my documents exactly where I left working on my iOS device on my Mac and vice versa. It also allows me to copy any link or text from my iOS device and then paste it on my Mac and vice versa. Android has no option to do so.All my podcasts, photos, videos, playlists, music files, books, last reading status, eComics (Via YACReader), reminders are easily synchronised between my Mac and iOS devices, Android has no option to do so, heck Google Play Books doesn’t even have a desktop client.With VizzyWig 2017 installed on it even the puny little iPhone SE is able to record 5K videos, something no Android device can do.I want a small device with good power, so Apple iPhone SE was my obvious choice. As for Android unfortunately all powerful Android devices are elephantine devices made for morbidly obese Jabba the Hutts with whale flipper like fingers and squinty weak eyes. I know Sony has been trying hard with Xperia Compact series, but why don’t they make it in 4 inches, why don’t they make it slimmer?They work fast, yeah I know they have slow animations but they load up heavier apps and games faster than their Android competitors, I often use VideoShop on my phone and it imports clips faster on iOS devices than on Android devices, I didn’t find any Android device as fast as the 128 GB iPhone SE at Rs 28K.It’s easy to carry in pocket, the iPhone SE slides in my pocket with utmost ease, on other hand I tried carrying a 5-inch phone once, didn’t like it, it was bulky.Another thing is the in-app UI, in iOS apps each UI elements of an app are neatly arranged with easy to reach controls. Android apps on other hand have a rather scattered UI which I don’t like at all.Safari browser is not only faster than Google Chrome, it also allows me to use extensions like AdBlockers, the mobile version of Google Chrome doesn’t let me do so.One thing I like the most about iOS is that it comes with most required apps straight out of the box, nothing less, nothing extra. It comes preloaded with Safari, GarageBand, Notes, Podcasts, Music Player with Apple Music integration and online radio, Photos, iBooks, Apple Mail. You barely need to install any additional apps and if you don’t need a app you can uninstall it. Most Android phones come with redundant apps, I mean just look at them, many of those have their own gallery app with Google Photos, their own music player with Google Play Music, their own eMail client with gMail, their own browser with Google Chrome, their own note keeping app with Google Keep, I hate this redundancy on my phone, and the worst part is that, these apps can’t be uninstalled, they can be only disabled and I don’t want to root my phone just to get rid of apps.The most important aspect is security, each iOS app is thoroughly scrutinised for presence of any malicious code on them and then only they’re allowed to be published on the store, this ensures that malicious apps don’t get into the store. Google on other hand follows a completely flawed strategy, it only removes a malicious app from the store when it’s reported to be malicious by multiple users, so if you have a bad luck you can often get malware on your Android device, due to this flawed strategy of Google even malware ridded apps from terrorist groups like ISIS were found in the Google Play Store.Android can be easily rooted (unless you’re using the new BlackBerry Android devices with automatic root-kit detection and removal), and remember if you can root them easily then so can a hacker with a remote root-kit disguised as an app, once the remote root-kit gains root access on your device it can allow root access to malware. While Apple has patched the Jailbreak on iOS 11, Google has done nothing to prevent gaining root access on its device (although I’m glad to see that at-least BlackBerry successfully did what Google failed to do).