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Deborah W.
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James S.
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William G.
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Denis B.
I edited the document with my mobile phone. It was fast and, as a result, I’ve got a professional-looking document.

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How do I download Adobe Acrobat Pro for free?
You can access Adobe Acrobat Pro for a free, 7-day trial, here: Download Adobe Acrobat free trial | Acrobat Pro DC.If you need access to the software after the free trial, please consider paying for it. A lot of effort has been put into creating this quality product, and that effort usually amounts to someone’s job and the success of a company. If you want that product to continue to be developed, paying for it is the best way to accomplish that. Even when a software product has been developed under a free license, it’s always recommended to support their effort through a donation of some kind. If you find value in a product, pay for it.
Is Adobe Acrobat Reader still available for free (on Windows 10) without paying for the DC version in the cloud?
Yes. This is the download link for the free reader.Adobe Acrobat Reader DCYou can add a cloud subscription to store documents and convert to editable formats.There is another Acrobat product for creating and manipulating PDF documents, but that is not Acrobat Reader.
Where can I get Adobe Acrobat?
Of course on Adobe’s official website:Plans and pricing | Adobe Acrobat DCIt is super powerful. If you just find a PDF program to read and open PDFs, you may download its free PDF reader. If you want to edit PDFs on regular basis, Adobe is worth such an investment.
What are some good, fast, and heavy-duty PDF to Excel converters for Windows that are similar to ABBYY FineReader, Nitro PDF, and Adobe Acrobat DC?
Readiris 16 for Windows is the most popular OCR software to convert any PDF, images and document into editable formats on Windows. Its powerful OCR engine greatly enhances the accuracy and precision of OCR results. Beside, you can create indexed PDFs out from Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, even manipulate PDF file, like protecting, compressing, organizing PDF pages, merging, etc.Run Readiris 16 for Windows on your computerGo to HomeFrom File or Scanner to upload scanned PDF for conversionChoose output as Excel or other formats. Your scanned PDF will be converted into Excel on Windows
While opening a PDF in Windows 10, it shows "QuickTime(TM) and a Photo - JPEG decompressor are needed to see this picture.". What should I download?
Windows 10 should have a native (built-in) PDF viewer, so the one type you mention, QuickTime, should be covered by Microsoft (as far as I know, they own a 10% equity position (shares) in Apple Corp.). Microsoft makes it a point — or tries — to support any software from any company in which they have an investment, so it’s wierd (but not surprising) that Windows 10 lacks support for QuickTime PDFs. You’d think they’d have made that available by now, instead of forcing end-users to use third-party software.At any rate, that’s just my opinion, that and $2 will get you a small cup of coffee at Starbucks.Several others have made some good suggestions, and I agree with most of the suggestions for software. The ones I don’t agree with I only do so either because I do not know the suggested software and so cannot comment as to whether or not you should use them, or because I have issues with part of their answer, as I will illustrate below.I agree with the suggestions made by Billy Kerr, and Mattia Campagnano. I disagree with Kent Carter who suggests that you should set the PDF viewer to be the one native to Microsoft Edge. My problem isn’t with his suggestions to change the default settings. My problem with his answer is the software to which he suggests changing to be the default. The reason for this is that Microsoft has a very bad habit of making formats that should be universal — such as PDFs — and making them in such a way that only a Microsoft product could open them up, thus locking people into using Windows (10, in this case). The best analogy I can think of is to imagine a car rental company that has an internal arrangement with itself that if you fly into an airport on, say Delta airlines, you *have* to rent a Ford Explorer, no other choices are permitted. And what makes it worse is that the car rental agency, Microsoft Car Rentals Inc. dominates 92% of the car rentals out of airports. Far better to use Adobe Acrobat Reader (Adobe Acrobat Reader DC) because they will (virtually guaranteed) ensure that the PDF format will be universally readable.Thanks for the A2A, (sorry I took so long to answer. I was in hospital for a month).